Sephora Makeup Brushes

  I never noticed when I began taking makeup more serious. I started wearing makeup at an early age because I always watched my mom get ready and wanted to do the same. I started wearing pencil eyeliner in grade six eventually learning how do a wing which I still do to this day. Eventually … Continue reading Sephora Makeup Brushes


The Manizer

My amazing boyfriend gifted me the infamous "Champagne Pop" by Becca and Jaclyn Hill highlighter for Christmas last month. It's so much glam and sparkle they definitely named it the right thing because it really does pop. It easily stole my heart by how pigmented the product is and how smoothly it applies and swatches. … Continue reading The Manizer

Nail Collage

A look at some nail colours I've had in the past. The holographic nails are what I'm currently sporting. It was my first time trying a holographic powder and the results were great. It looks so cool in the light. The colour underneath the powder is black giving it a blueish/grey undertone in darker lighting.