Morphe Colour Glam Palette

Growing up I had a lot of different coloured eyeshadows. I remember having a palette with various bright colours. I always loved adding a pop of colour underneath my eyeliner which always made my big eyes stand out.

Fast forward at least seven years later and I tend to only wear neutral colours. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I’ve been getting back into exploring the world of makeup and trying new things and actually attempting to recreate looks.

One of my favourite things is trying out different makeup brands. I’ve always seen Morphe Cosmetics palettes on the internet and in one specific store. It was always exciting to see their eyeshadows and brushes in person, being able to swatch them before hand was always useful too. However the prices are a bit tedious, everything is raised due to shipping and US exchange rates which always held me back from making any purchase.

Not to mention there are only a few palette options in stores consisting of all neutral colours.

After browsing through Morphes website and looking at all their different palettes my heart was finally set on one. The Morphe Colour Glam 35B.


Morphe Palette 35B.

It instantly reminded me of when I was younger and loved playing around with makeup.

I had also been on the search to find the perfect pink eyeshadows and this beautiful palette had exactly what I was looking for.

At first glance the palette looks absolutely stunning. I was so obsessed with it the night I got it and immediately went into swatching it with my boyfriend.

While swatching it on my skin I noticed most matte shades weren’t picking up as well as I had hoped whereas the shimmer shades were vibrant.

Thinking it just might be my skin colour I began swatching on my boyfriend as well. Ultimately getting the same results.


Swatches on my boyfriend.

I left it at that and was gonna wait to actually apply the eyeshadows before judging too harshly.

Using my Too Faced eyeshadow primer I began my Valentine’s Day makeup look using the pink shades.


Surprisingly, the shimmery colours that swatched really well on my skin did not apply the same to my eyes. Some were very sheer and not as pigmented as they seemed on my skin. Most matte shades weren’t picking up either while being swatched but when applied using my bushes they were the most pigmented.


Look created using the Morphe 35B palette for Valentine’s Day 2017.

I created this look and was really happy with the turnout. It’s my first time owning such vibrant colours and the pink is so pretty. I can’t wait to use the palette again today to create something new.



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