Experimenting With Blue Eyeshadow

Since getting my Morphe 35B palette I’ve really been loving the pink and purple eyeshadow shades. I feel the most comfortable using those colours and think they suit my skin tone best.

The 35B palette consists of the whole rainbow with different shades and shimmers to each colour. Each single shadow is so admirable on it’s own.

It was only a matter of time until I experimented with each colour, and the day for blue had approached.


I primed my eyes and instantly regretted applying the blue eyeshadow thinking it clashed with my brown skin.

The blue shades are gorgeous, but just not for me. I continued adding the navy blue into my crease (which I don’t hate) but for me to actually feel satisfied with this look I added a shimmery purple shade. I couldn’t bare to look at my eyes with blue eyeshadow on it, but I’m glad I still learned from the experience.


Normally if I was going to add a pop of colour to my makeup I would apply it underneath my bottom eyeliner which I would do again with the blue but it’s definitely not for all over my eyelid.

I think the next colours I’m gonna play with are the orange/reds so stay tuned!



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