ColourPop Cosmetics

I’ve always admired ColourPop for their lipsticks. They have such a wide range of colours and are sold at a really great price if you live in the States.

Luckily where I live I know a store that sells some makeup brands from the States here in Canada just at a higher price due to import and exchange fees.

The other day I decided to check out the store and to my surprise they had a deal going on ColourPop lipsticks for buy one get one free. I could not pass up the opportunity especially because this would be my first ever purchase from ColourPop. There was a limited variety to chose from but I managed to snag two colours I think would suit me.


Both the colours are similar but one is a metallic and the other is glossy. After trying out both of them I have to say the glossy liquid lipstick is my favourite out of the two. The colour is a cherry red on me and isn’t sticky at all. There’s not much transfer and my lips felt nourish and moisturized the whole time I wore the lipstick.


The metallic lipstick is still very gorgeous and stands out strong with the metal look. I think pairing the two colours together would even look great.

I’m so happy to add ColourPop’s lipsticks to my makeup collection finally.


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