Comparing Kylie & ColourPop

My lipstick collection is growing!

I’ve always been a fan of lipstick but never wore it because my lips are always chapped and in rough shape or I’m anxiously licking them. Either way I still love it and love what difference it can make to complete a makeup look.

I recently got a metallic ColourPop liquid lipstick and noticed it’s quite similar in formula to my other metallic lipstick, Reign by Kylie Jenner. I’m sure you’ve heard by now about how Kylie’s makeup line is made at the same factory that ColourPop’s is or that they work closely together.


Despite that there are a few major differences I’ve noticed. One being the smell; Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are known for their amazing, sweet smell. ColourPops lipstick doesn’t smell like anything to me, which isn’t a problem but the added scent is always a nice touch. With the colours swatched next to each other Kylie’s lipstick stands out because of its strong cupcake scent.

Another difference I noticed is that Reign is more matte and dull compared to 3-Way, especially after time has passed. The sparkles eventually fade from the lipstick whereas ColourPop’s metallic lipstick shines like a true metal lipstick should and the sparkles linger for hours. After many hours of wearing ColourPop it’s still bright and glowing.

However, both formulas are thick and clumpy in the bottle and my Reign bottle was never full so I need to viciously shake it before each use.  Each formula feels weightless when applied and doesn’t transfer much. I’m still able to eat and need no touchups afterwards which is always great if you’re in a rush!



For the price ColourPop is definitely the way to go. Especially because of the wider range of colours available to this day. But I personally love my Kylie Metal. I enjoy the matte metal look and at the end of the day I believe it’s what suits me best.


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