Makeup Haul & Voluminous Lash Paradise

I’ve heard so many great things about this mascara since it was released. Most common is that it’s a great dupe for Too Faced’s best selling mascara, Better Than Sex. One major difference I’ve noticed which makes me like this mascara better than Too Faced is that this mascara provides a lot more volume.


I was so eager to try on the mascara that I did it immediately after making dinner and crying from cutting onions so I apologize for the bad photos but you can really see the effects of the mascara.

Normally when I’m doing my makeup I curl my eyelashes with a heated eyelash curler then apply a mascara primer. So this was not done in the pictures.


Natural lashes 

I was shocked by the results of how much added length was given after only applying one coat of the mascara. There’s a huge difference however my only complaint is the tip of the brush is difficult to use when applying to the the inner corner lashes due to it’s size. Other than that I highly recommend this mascara because it’s affordable and truly gives you more length and volume effortlessly.


Moving on to the fun part, these are my latest makeup grabs. So far I have tested out everything and enjoy it all especially the lashes.


The Revlon eyebrow pencil is highly pigmented with a thin bristled blending brush to smooth out any harsh lines the pencil might leave. I was honestly impressed by how pigmented the pencil was; pair that with Wet N’ Wilds brow taming gel for the best brow results.

As for the Maybelline setting spray it helped keep my makeup intact all day and boost the glow of my highlighter however it does not smell good at all. I’ve noticed that’s the issue with most setting sprays sadly but as long as it gets the job done. Every other item was just restock however if you’re looking for a very pigmented eyeliner pencil I recommend Annabelles kohl liners! Smudge proof and lasts throughout the day.



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