Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

I cannot begin to explain how amazing this product is. If you can look past the price this elixir has MANY different uses making it worth every penny!


Farsali – Rose Gold Elixir

Created by Farsali Care and infused with 24 karat gold this Rose Gold Elixir is a great daily moisturizer for day and night time use. It will brighten, smoothen and help your skin glow. The gold flakes helps fight aging and reducing inflammation caused by acne and hyperpigmentation within the skin.

Since using this daily I’ve notice my skin improve a lot. It’s no longer dry and any patchiness I had has gone away. I’ve also noticed my neck has slim down from constantly massaging the oil in so that’s always a plus! On top of that the smell of the oil is amazing. It’s very floral and fruity reminding me of grapefruit and roses.

It was recently announced that Sephora will be carrying both bottle sizes of this product later on in the year. They will now offer the smaller size which is 15ML with the price to be announced (however on Farsali’s website it is $35USD) and the larger size 30ML costing $70 CAD.

I recommend spending the extra money to get the bigger bottle however. It will last you a long time and it’s still small enough to toss in your purse and carry on the go.


Gold flakes

For being so pricey the elixir makes up for it by having so many various uses:

  • You can apply it into your damp beauty blender and use it to help blend out your foundation as well as cream contours for a smooth, dewy finish.
  • It can be used on your lips to moisturize them and a great base before applying matte liquid lipsticks.
  • The oil can also be used to rejuvenate dried out dipbrow pomades or gel eyeliner.
  • Can be applied on eyebrow wand to help build a hold and apply product easier.
  • Will help make your shimmery eyeshadow pop by applying a small amount of elixir to the eyelid

And that’s just a handful of things this oil can do, there’s so much more to it and you should discover it on your own. If it’s out of your price range, you can always get a sample at Sephora before purchasing and wait around for the smaller bottle to be released, I promise you wont regret it.


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