24 Karat Skin Frost by Jeffree Star

I'm so happy to finally own something from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I've followed him since he was doing music even seeing him perform in Toronto and it's crazy to see how far he's come. This article will just be a quick oversight of the colours inside the 24 Karat Skin Frost Palette. I will provide … Continue reading 24 Karat Skin Frost by Jeffree Star


Beautifully Precise – ELF Cosmetics

Not too sure when exactly this line launched at my Walmart but any new ELF product I am interested in. ELF has drastically improved so much since I was only able to find their products in Target when it was in Canada. But with Target leaving, eventually all our Walmarts started selling ELF Cosmetics as … Continue reading Beautifully Precise – ELF Cosmetics